Best Meat Grinder Under 100

It can be tough to find a quality meat grinder at an affordable price. That’s why I did the research for you and found the best one that’s available for under $100. I know how important it is to have an efficient meat grinder that can handle tough grinding jobs, and I think you’ll be impressed with the models I’ve listed here.

Recently, technology has advanced so much that you can find a great meat grinder without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a home chef or a professional butcher, these grinders will be a great addition to your kitchen. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at the top meat grinders under $100.

Comparison Table:

ProductsMaterialManual or AutoItem WeightSpecial Feature
ROVSUN Electric Meat GrinderABS & 304 Stainless Steel & Alloy AluminumAutomatic2.2 poundsMinced Meat Speed: 1.5-2kgs/min
Metaltex Meat GrinderAluminumManual1.59 poundsWith device includes plastic protection for attaching to the table
VEVOR Meat Grinder ManualStainless SteelManual6 PoundsPractical Accessories
Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder 18/8 Stainless SteelAutomatic6.8 PoundsWith a flick of the 3 way on/off/reverse switch
Norpro Meat GrinderMetalManual7 PoundsPrecision Ground Cutting Knife
Cuisinart Electric Meat GrinderStainless SteelAutomatic8.5 PoundsReverse function releases clogged foods to ensure smooth operation

6 Best Meat Grinders Under 100 – Top Picks

1. ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder

ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder

Key Specifications:

Item Weight2.2 pounds
Grinder plates4 Cutting Plates give you different options
Grinds approximately1.5-2kgs/min
Including Components1 x Seven Word Tool, 1 x Fixed Ring, 1 x Minced Meat Rod, 1 x Blade, 4 x Knife Meshes, 1 x Enemator, 1 x Push Rod

The ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder is a great option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly model that still packs plenty of power. This grinder features an 800-watt pure copper motor that can handle tough grinding jobs with ease.

It also has a detachable design and comes with a full set of basic accessories, making it easy to assemble and disassemble. Additionally, this meat grinder has ETL approval, so you can be sure that it meets all safety standards.

We tested this model and found it to be quite effective, with a minced meat speed of up to 1.5-2kgs/min. The best part is that this meat grinder is available for under $100, making it one of the most affordable models on the market.

You can grind pork, beef, and all sorts of other meats with ease. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that this grinder isn’t suitable for grinding bones or hard foods. So, if you plan to grind these items, you should look for a more powerful model.

  • Grinding at a fast speed
  • Can grind almost any type of meat
  • Cleaning is made easy with the detachable design
  • It comes with many accessories
  • ETL approved
  • Due to the size of the plunger, it does not fit the opening in the case.
  • The sausage attachment quality can be improved

2. Metaltex Meat Grinder

Metaltex Meat Grinder

Key Specifications:

VoltageManual (Hand Useable)
Item Weight1.59 pounds
Grinder platesPlates are made of soft metals
Grinds approximately1 kg/min
Including Components1 x Aluminium meat mincer

We all want a meat grinder that’s both functional and easy to use on a daily basis. The Metaltex Meat Grinder is perfect for this purpose because it’s made from high-quality cast aluminum alloy, making it strong and durable.

Not only is this grinder easy to set up, but it also comes with 3-in-1 mincer attachments. This means that you can grind meat, fish, and vegetables with ease. Plus, the item dimensions of 3.94 x 5.51 x 10.43 inches making it easy to store and set up.

In our use, we found that this grinder is great for grinding meats at home. We liked how quickly it ground the meat and that it was able to handle tough grinding jobs. Plus, it was affordable and perfect for smaller grinding tasks.

This grinder does not come with any additional blades or parts. So, you’ll need to purchase them separately if you want to grind a variety of items.

Overall, the Metaltex Meat Grinder is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable and reliable grinder to use at home.

  • It comes with an attachment for attaching the device to a table as well as plastic protection
  • Using the adjustable table clamp, this manual hand grinder will firmly fix to any worktop.
  • Very sturdy and durable
  • There is no doubt that it is very convenient to use.
  • Due to the fact that the blade and plate are made of soft metal, they leave small metal scrapes in the meat when they remove them.

3. VEVOR Meat Grinder Manual

VEVOR Meat Grinder Manual

Key Specifications:

VoltageManual (Hand Useable)
Item Weight6 Pounds
Grinder platesAvailable in 2 different sizes of hole plates, 8 mm and 6 mm
Grinds approximately1.2 kgs/min
Including Components2 x Sausage Stuffing Tubes, 2 x Hole Plates, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Shaft Sleeve, 1 x Push Rod

Another great choice for a manual meat grinder is the VEVOR Meat Grinder Manual. We love manual grinders because you don’t have to worry about plugging it in or dealing with a loud motor. 

Its 304 stainless steel material is extremely durable and strong, ensuring that the grinder stands up to the toughest of jobs without any issues. Moreover, it is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it perfect for long-term use. You don’t have to worry about the machine breaking down or becoming unreliable over time. So, you can enjoy a reliable and efficient grinding experience.

The double-fixing design of the grinder securely holds the meat in place, making sure that it is properly ground. This prevents any chunks from being left behind and ensures that you get the most out of your grinding experience. As a result, you can grind large amounts of meat in one go without having to worry about wasting any of it. This feature is a real-time-saver.

Another interesting thing is that it allows you to switch between different grinding heads and use the one that is most suitable for the type of meat that you are grinding. For example, if you are grinding beef, then you can use a different head than if you are grinding pork. You can grind different types of meats quickly and conveniently.

Plus, this grinder is designed to be used for a wide range of grinding applications. It can grind everything from beef and pork to fish and other types of seafood. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are looking for a versatile grinder that can handle different tasks.

It is easy to assemble and break apart for cleaning. This makes it easier for you to set up and take down the machine when needed. Besides that, it makes sure that you have an easy time cleaning the grinder after every use, which enables it to always be ready for use whenever you require it.

As part of the product, there are clear and easy-to-follow instructions for how to use and clean the product. By doing so, you will be able to better understand what is going on with the grinder and how it should be properly cared for. In addition to this, the instructions provided ensure that you are able to use the grinder in as safe a way as possible.

  • Very sharp stainless steel blades
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean
  • Versatile for different types of meats
  • No Clamp included for attaching to a table or countertop
  • Not suitable for grinding tough bones

4. Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder 

Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder

Key Specifications:

Voltage1000 W
Item Weight6.8 Pounds
Grinder plates3 durable stainless steel grinding plates
Grinds approximately2 kgs/min
Including ComponentsThe automatic meat grinder includes a food pusher, kibbeh attachment, and sausage stuffer horn

As a highly-rated and popular meat grinder, Gourmia’s electric meat grinder comes with a host of features to make grinding easier and more efficient. With a 500-watt motor, this grinder is powerful and reliable, allowing you to grind tough cuts of meat in no time.

The grinder is designed with safety in mind, making it a great option for all users. The grinder features an easy-to-use, push-button operation and has a safety lock to ensure the grinder does not turn on when you don’t want it to. Additionally, the grinder also features a protected motor and blade to keep your meat grinding process safe.

It also comes with a bonus accessory kit that includes three grinding plates, a kibbe maker, and a sausage filler. This allows you to grind your meat to your desired thickness and add unique flavors with your kibbe maker and sausage filler. It’s a great way to create unique ground meat recipes without having to invest in additional accessories.

The grinder also features three interchangeable grinding plates that allow you to grind your meat into different sizes and textures. Whether you’re looking for a coarse, medium, or fine grind, you can choose the plate that best suits your needs. The coarse plate is perfect for creating hamburger patties, while the medium and fine plates are great for finer grinds like sausage.

Plus, you have the option of grinding different types of meats including chicken, beef, pork, and fish. For those hoping to find an affordable, powerful meat grinder that is also easy to use, the Gourmia Electric Meat Grinder is a great option.

  • It comes with an easy-to-follow manual so you can easily assemble it for use and disassemble it for clean-up.
  • In order to make the operation of this machine as easy as possible, there is a 3-way safety switch.
  • The product is easy to assemble and can be easily disassembled for cleaning and storing when not being used.
  • It is not advisable to grind foods other than meat.

5. Norpro Meat Grinder

Norpro Meat Grinder

Key Specifications:

VoltageManual (Hand Useable)
Item Weight7 Pounds
Grinder platesWith 2 Grinding Plates
Grinds approximately1 kg/min
Including ComponentsHeavy-Duty, Cast-Iron, Double-Tinned Meat Grinder

Another manual grinder on our list is the Norpro Meat Grinder. This grinder comes with a suction base that has non-skid rubber feet for stability. It also has a double-tinned meat grinder made from cast iron and a cutting knife with a precision ground surface. The double tinning prevents rust and corrosion. That makes the grinder last longer and more reliable.

This product allows for precision cutting because of Precision Ground Cutting Knife, which is important when preparing meat. We have also found that it is easier to get the right consistency of ground meat when we are making recipes or stuffing sausages with it. It prevents the meat from becoming too finely chopped that it becomes mushy.

Large Hopper makes it easier to load large amounts of meat quickly, saving time and energy. The suction base keeps the grinder from slipping and sliding around on the countertop. As most people are worried about the grinder’s movement while using it, this feature will make them relaxed. It is especially useful when you are grinding large quantities of meat at once, as it will keep the grinder in place while you are using it. Plus, it also makes the grinder easier to store when not in use.

Using this grinder is comfortable due to the ergonomic handle that makes it easy to operate. As well as providing a sturdy grip, it also serves as a means of reducing fatigue when you spend a long time grinding. Also, the handle is easy to work with, which is essential when you are taking care of tough cuts of meat, as it allows you to maneuver easily.

Overall, the Norpro Meat Grinder is one of the best meat grinders you can find under 100. In terms of value, it provides a lot of features at a reasonable price. It is strong and durable, so you know it will last a long time, and it comes with two grinding discs for different purposes.

  • Set up is easy and clean up is also easy. 
  • An ultra-precision ground-cutting knife
  • Suitable For Casual Use 
  • Handle with ergonomic design
  • After some usage, the machine tends to bind too often
  • A mechanism is not provided for pushing meat down
  • This product is not suitable for professional use

6. Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder

Key Specifications:

Item Weight8.5 Pounds
Grinder plates2 cutting plates
Grinds approximately3 pounds per minute
Including ComponentsTwo sausage attachments for making breakfast links and regular sausages

Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder allows for the effortless and speedy grinding of tough meats. It quickly and easily grinds big batches of meat in one go. You can grind a large quantity of meat quickly and efficiently.

With the help of two metal cutting plates, you are able to choose the size of your grinds. As a result, you have the ability to create the texture you are looking for by selecting the size of the grinds you wish to use. This allows you to customize the grinds and create delicious dishes every time. We also love that it comes with two plates for convenience.

Moreover, we are also happy with its reverse function which is a great feature that helps prevent clogging and jamming of the grinder. It also ensures that the grinder will run smoothly and with minimal wear and tear. It will give you the best results, even after a long time of use.

This grinder has a switch that can be used to turn it on and off, which makes operating it very simple and convenient. The simplicity of this feature helps to make the grinding process easier and faster. This allows you to simply push a button and grind your meat quickly and easily with just a few presses. The convenience of being able to easily turn off the grinder after each use keeps the grinder safe and secure.

The pusher with accessory storage is a great feature that allows you to keep the attachments in one convenient location. This makes it easy to find and use them without having to search all over the place. It keeps the grinder organized and makes sure that all your accessories are in one place. You do not have to worry about losing them or misplacing them.

As the grinder is encased in brushed stainless steel, it appears elegant and luxurious. Besides its durability, this product has scratch resistance, making it look stunning for years to come. You can easily clean and maintain it so it remains as good as ever.

Overall, the Cuisinart Electric Meat Grinder is a great option; it comes with all the features you need for efficient and effective grinding.

  • Powerful Motor that can grind large batches of meat quickly and efficiently.
  • Two metal cutting plates that allow you to customize the size of your grinds.
  • Reverse function that helps prevent clogging and jamming.
  • Pusher with accessory storage that keeps attachments in one convenient location.
  • Might be too loud for some.
  • Not ideal for grinding bones.

Buying Guide For Best Meat Grinder Under 100

In order to get the most out of your grinder as you grind meat at home, there are a few things you should consider before taking the plunge and purchasing one. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know in order to choose the best meat grinder for under $100. 

We’ll cover the different types of meat grinders on the market, how to choose the right one for your needs, and what features to look for. By the end of this post, you’ll be an expert on meat grinders and ready to make your purchase.

Manual vs. Electric Meat Grinders: 

Manual meat grinders are less expensive than electric models and don’t require a power source, which makes them ideal for use in remote locations or during power outages. They’re also typically smaller and more compact than electric models, which makes them easier to store. On the downside, manual meat grinders can be more difficult to operate and some models require a significant amount of arm strength. 

In terms of price and ease of use, electric meat grinders are more expensive than their manual counterparts. In most cases, there are multiple speeds available so you can control how fast the meat is ground, and some even have reverse settings to ensure the meat does not jam up as it is being ground.

Electric meat grinders also typically have larger hoppers (the part of the grinder where you feed the meat), which means you can grind larger quantities of meat at one time. The only downside is that electric models require a power source, so if you’re planning on using your grinder in a remote location or during a power outage, an electric model may not be the best option. 

Models to Consider:

Now that you know the difference between manual and electric meat grinders, it’s time to choose the right model for your needs. If you’re looking for a small, compact grinder that’s easy to store, a manual model may be a good option. If you plan on grinding large quantities of meat or if you want a grinder that’s easy to operate, an electric model may be a better choice. 

Size Matters:

The next decision you need to make is what size grinder you need. Small grinders are perfect for occasional use or if you have limited storage space. Medium grinders are more versatile and can handle larger quantities of meat at once. Large grinders are ideal for families or those who entertain often. If you plan on using your meat grinder regularly, opt for a medium or large model. 

What Features to Look for in a Meat Grinder:

Once you’ve decided on the type of grinder you need, it’s time to start shopping! When comparing different models, there are several features you’ll want to look for: 

 A large hopper: This will allow you to Grind large quantities of meat at one time without having to stop and empty The hopper frequently. 

Multiple speed settings: It will give you greater control over how the grinding process comes about, in addition to preventing jams from occurring.

A reverse setting: When you are grinding, you can use this feature if you encounter a jam. (It allows you To reverse The motion Of The blades To clear The jam).

Adjustable grind settings: Depending on the model you choose, you can choose if you want your ground meat coarse or fine. It is helpful to use this feature if you want to experiment with different types of sausages or the texture of the sausages. 

With so many options on the market, choosing the best meat grinder can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be! By considering the type, size, and key features of meat grinders before making a purchase, you can find the perfect model for your needs without breaking the bank. 


We have reviewed the top 6 best meat grinders, and all have different features. All these products are good in their own way but ROVSUN Electric Meat Grinder is the best one according to our research and testing. We have chosen this product based on its durability, power, and accessories.

Choose the one which fits your needs and budget. We hope that this review helped you to make an informed decision while purchasing a meat grinder. Happy Grinding!

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