Best Meat Slicer for Thin-Slice

As a meat-lover, nothing beats slicing your own meat at home. Whether you’re preparing a juicy steak or a flavorful roast, having the right equipment to get the perfect thin slices is essential. That’s why investing in a good meat slicer to get the job done quickly and accurately is a must.

As the saying goes, “A poor craftsman blames his tools” so having a quality meat slicer will ensure that your cuts are uniform and consistent. Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur cook, you’ll be able to get the perfect thin slices every time with a quality meat slicer.


Fun Fact!

According to a study done in 2022, the average American household owns 2 meat slicers. Of those households, 58% use their meat slicers at least once a week, while 22% use them daily. The most popular meats to slice are deli meats, followed by steak, chicken, and pork.

I know the struggle of finding the right slicer because I’ve been there. When I first started cooking, I was overwhelmed by all the options out there.

After hours of research and testing, I’m happy to say that I found some of the best meat slicers for thin-slice. In this article, I’ll be sharing my top picks and explaining why they’re so great. So, keep reading and you might find the perfect slicer for your needs. Happy slicing!

Comparison Table:

ProductsMaterialManual or AutoItem WeightSpecial Feature
Cuisinart FS-75 meat slicerAlloy SteelAutomatic11 PoundsSlice control knob adjusts from a paper-thin 1/32 inch to a thick 1/2 inch
Befen meat slicer for thin-slice Stainless SteelManual Hand Cutting5.84 Pounds60 Slices /minute
KWS KitchenWare MS-12NT Station meat slicerAluminum Alloy BaseAutomatic60.55 PoundsETL NSF Approved
BESWOOD meat slicer for thin-slice Aluminum, Chromium-plated Steel, RubberAutomatic33 PoundsDouble Illuminated ON/OFF Switch 24V to avoid power shock for best protection
KWS KitchenWare Station MS-6RTStainless Steel, Aluminum, RubberAutomatic27.85 Pounds7.67” Premium 304 Stainless Steel Coated with Teflon Blade
VEVOR meat slicer for thin-slice AluminumAutomatic40 PoundsRubber bottom feet are nonslip, ensuring the stability
Elite Gourmet EMT-625B meat slicerAluminumBoth Auto and Manual11 PoundsUltra-Sharp 7.5-Inch Stainless Steel Blade

Best Meat Slicer for Thin-slice – Top 7 Picks!

In this section, we will be discussing 7 of the premier meat slicers that can cut extremely thin slices. Whether you’re looking for a slicer with more or fewer features, there’s definitely one out there that will fit your needs perfectly.

1. Cuisinart FS-75 Meat Slicer for Thin-slice

Cuisinart FS-75 meat slicer
Cuisinart FS-75 meat slicer

Key Specifications:

VoltageHeavy-duty 130-watt motor
Blade Length7.5 Inches
Slice control knobAdjusts from 1/32″ to 1/2″
Slice approximately80 Slices /minute
Including ComponentsBlade, food guide and stainless steel carriage

Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer is not only versatile, but it can also handle any type of meat with great ease. This top-of-the-line appliance would be a fantastic addition to any kitchen and would make cooking much simpler for any chef.

First of all, the comma-shaped knob on this device is both ergonomic and stylish. The thumb curve provides for a precise cut size, and the knob moves away from the blade instead of towards it; making it safe to use.

We tested the slicer on its thinnest setting and were impressed with how perfectly it sliced beef and mutton- as if you would see it at a restaurant. We increased the cut size to 1/16 inch for our roast beef, so it would be more resistant to falling apart.

No one enjoys the process of cleaning a meat slicer, but it is less daunting with the Cuisinart. This particular model features a removable carriage that makes it easy to access areas underneath and clean them thoroughly. 

With a 7.5-inch stainless steel blade, you can effortlessly slice deli meats, jerky, and more into paper-thin slices! Not to mention, the slicer comes with a handheld sharpener to keep the blade extra sharp for precise cuts. 

  • Includes a nonslip base and cord storage to make your life more convenient and keep your countertops clean.
  • The pusher and guard enable you to use it safely and effectively
  • Weighing just 11 pounds
  • The die-cast aluminum housing gives it unparalleled durability.
  • None found yet.

2. Befen Meat Slicer for thin-Slice 

Befen meat slicer for thin-slice 

Key Specifications:

Blade Length7.87 inches
Slice control knob0.07 into 1in
Slice approximately60 Slices /minute
Including Components1 replaceable stainless steel blade, 10 bags for rolling meat, 1 meat slicer

Befen manual meat slicer is perfect for home cooks who want to evenly slice frozen meat, including beef, chicken, and lamb. Now you can achieve professional results without breaking the bank.

I understand how difficult it is to select the appliance that fits your needs because I had to go through the same process when researching meat slicers. After looking at 15 different manual meat slicers, I selected the Befen Manual Meat Slicer in my top-pick list.

You will like that its 170mm blade is very sharp and precise, making it perfect for slicing meat of all different sizes. Whether you’re preparing a dish from a recipe or winging it, this knife will get the job done perfectly. There is absolutely no chance of the meat sticking to the blade or getting uneven slices.

What’s more is that this unit is designed for comfort and safety, with a handle that is comfortable to use and suction cup feet for added stability. The hand support is also there to protect your fingers from the blade while you’re slicing. 

For those of you wondering if the slicer is easy to move around, weighing in at only 2.3 kg, this product is perfect for those needing to transport it frequently. There’s also no assembly required, so you can get started as soon as possible!

Individuals who live in humid climates are constantly at risk of their belongings rusting. Don’t worry, this slicer is made of stainless steel that won’t corrode or rust easily. Even if it does get wet, the material will not erode.

  • For extra safety while in use, the slicer includes a separate feeder handle.
  • Can be cleaned easily
  • One year warranty
  • Affordable price
  • The blade is extremely sharp and can cause severe injury if you are not careful or not wearing protective gloves.

3. KWS KitchenWare MS-12NT Station meat slicer for thin-slice (Best Overall)

KWS KitchenWare MS-12NT Station meat slicer

Key Specifications:

Voltage420-Watts Motor Power
Blade Length12 Inches
Slice control knobup to 8.5 (L) X 11 (W) X 8 (H)
Slice approximately80 Slices /minute
Including Components1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt

If you’re looking for a slicer that performs like the professionals use but don’t want to spend a fortune, this is the option for you. Kitchenware Station is both easy to use for home slicing and can still cut through meat even if it is only semi-frozen, making it a versatile tool.

One of the best things about this gadget is that its 45-degree tray allows you to take advantage of gravity, resulting in less pressure needed from you and a more consistent slicer. Plus you don’t have to take tension about the meat weight as it can easily hold food up to 8.5 (L) X 11 (W) X 8 (H) inches.

Our team of experts told us that its blade sharpener not only hones the blade but also sharpens it for future use. It does so by pushing the front and back button for a few seconds so that it keeps the blade’s edge razor-sharp so that it’s always ready to slice.

We were amazed to know that its 420Watt, 0.57 horsepower highly rated pure copper motor and power transformers provide enough slicing power for even the toughest jobs. Too, the transformer is efficient in preventing electric leakage and short circuits.

You don’t have to worry about the quality standard of KWS as it has been approved by ETL NSF, which means that it is clean and sanitary. This is important because having a slicer that is NSF-approved can help to increase the productivity of the meat-slicing process.

Last but not the least, the combination of a 0-0.6 inches thick blade and its speed of 440 revolutions per minute ensures that the meat is cut evenly and thinly, with no squishing or tearing. This is helpful when you need to rapidly produce thinly sliced meat products in large quantities.

  • With the horizontal clamps adjustable to fit varying product sizes, you can slice produce of any size.
  • A rear-mounted thickness stop can quickly adjust the slicer to frequently used thicknesses
  • Have 12 inches long blade
  • The whetstone sharpening process is used to sharpen the blade 
  • Its base made up of Aluminum Alloy provides stability.
  • May be heavy for some people.

4. BESWOOD Meat Slicer for Thin-Slice 

BESWOOD meat slicer

Key Specifications:

Voltage240W powerful motor
Blade Length10 Inches
Slice control knobAdjusts from 1/34″ to 1/4
Slice approximately70 Slices /minute
Including Components1X food slicer machine, 1 X Instruction Manual,1xcleaning brush,1x food machine oil

BESWOOD slicer is not only great for restaurants and café owners but also perfect to use in your home kitchen. It is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to have a high-tech, luxurious slicing experience without spending a lot of money.

We adore that its blade is built from carbon steel and lined with chromium. By using these materials, the lifespan of the tool is increased and it becomes more resistant to corrosion. This also extends the amount of time you can use the blade until it needs to be sharpened again.

If you’re looking to cut large cuts of meat into thin slices, then its extra-large 10-inch blade is suitable for the job and works quickly to slice up any food items you feed into it. Now you can cut anything from ham, turkey breast, roast beef, and even mutton with ease. 

After several trials and tests of this unit, we found that its 240W powerful motor is key for creating thin slices because it functions quickly and smoothly, ensuring each slice of meat is consistent. Also, the motor is stronger, meaning it can handle tougher cuts of meat more efficiently.

Furthermore, the easy adjustment system allows you to tailor your slicing experience, so you can cut everything from deli-thin slices to thicker cuts. If you want more versatility from your slicer, this is a great feature for you.

If you frequently use the Beswood in a hotel or for a food cafe, will its blades become dull over time? Good news! This kitchen appliance possesses a two-stone sharpener within the machine, so you never have to worry about your blade becoming dull.

  • Approved by ETL and NSF to meet quality standards.
  • It’s on/off switch is specifically designed to reduce the risk of power shocks, providing optimal protection for you and your family.
  • The V-shaped feeding belt of Beswood helps to keep the device quiet and still during use.
  • Includes a cleaning brush for your convenience.
  • The blade can be hard to take out at times.

5. KWS KitchenWare Station MS-6RT meat slicer

Key Specifications:

Voltage200-Watts Motor Power
Blade Length6 Inches
Slice control knob 7.67 Inch
Slice approximately60 Slices /minute
Including Components1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt

KitchenWare Station MS-6RT is a top-of-the-line meat slicer that is perfect for home cooks, caterers, and chefs and has a slim design; it’s 15.2 (L), 14.8(W), and 13 (H) inches. With its high-quality Teflon blade, it can handle any slicing job quickly and easily. 

Most of the users were impressed that this semi-automatic slicer is ideal for commercial use, thanks to its 200W motor. With this tool, your business will progress to new heights with dependable and regular outcomes.

By building the on-off switch and relays separately, the company significantly reduces the likelihood of them damaging each other and causing some spark or short circuit. KWS’ concern for the safety of its customers is exhibited through this.

We extensively tested its power transformer and found that it allows the user to tackle constant slicing with ease. It ensures a stable power supply because of which peak performance is shown by the device and also avoids electric leakage and short circuits.

Another great feature is that the skid-proof rubber feet on the slicer make it more sturdy, which in turn makes it difficult to slide around. This added safety measure will help ensure that you don’t hurt yourself while slicing.

Additionally, the 0-0.4 inches thick blade combined with its speed of 510 revolutions per minute provides precise, consistent cuts of meat that are neither too thick nor too thin. If you need to produce a lot of thinly sliced meat quickly, this appliance will then come in very handy.

  • Its extra sharp stainless steel blade is 7.67 inches long and 0.4 inches thick.
  • This kitchen gadget is CE approved for meeting safety and quality standards.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The base is made from high-quality aluminum alloy
  • The cord is a bit short.

6. VEVOR meat slicer for thin-slice 

VEVOR meat slicer for thin-slice

Key Specifications:

Blade Length10 Inches
Slice control knob0mm to 12mm (0-0.47 inch)
Slice approximately60 Slices /minute
Including Components1 x Electric Meat Slicer, 1 x Motor Belt, 2 x Whetstones (one rough, one less rough)
1 x Instruction Manual

Immediately, you see that VEVOR has managed to fit all of the best features into a smaller unit with great counterappeal. The sleek design and easy-to-clean surface of this machine are due to its smooth curves and sturdy black fittings.

Weighing only 40 pounds and with dimensions of 18″L x 14″W x 15″, this electric food slicer is light enough to carry around but heavy enough to prevent it from moving while in use. As it’s not considered a small appliance but it is more compact than other reviewed models.

We put the chromium-plated steel blade to the test by using it to cut thin slices of meat, and we were very pleased with the results. The 10-inch blade was able to quickly and easily slice through the meat with minimal effort. Plus, the deep groove on the cutting surface stopped the meat from clinging to the blade.

Now discussing its 240-watt copper motor that is extremely powerful, and keeps the blade rotating at 1400RPM. This speed allows you to slice 50 pieces of food per minute, saving you valuable time and energy.

By turning the knob, you can select your desired thickness for slicing, from as thin as 0 mm to 12 mm (or 0-0.47 inch). With this meat slicer machine, not only will you be able to slice with ease but also achieve the precision cuts you desire.

If you are a busy person and don’t have enough time to clean the meat slicer, then this slicer is for you, as you can clean the blade and security baffle easily and effortlessly by unscrewing the knobs or screws to detach them.

  • The hidden grindstones make it easy for you to keep the blade sharp.
  • Its security shield will protect you from potential accidents.
  • Have a food pusher prevent sliced foods from toppling over on your plate.
  • The on/off switch is completely waterproof.
  • Do not use Vevor for long periods of time or else it will overheat and break.

7. Elite Gourmet EMT-625B meat slicer (Best in the low Budget)

Key Specifications:

Blade Length7.5 Inches
Slice control knob ½-inch
Slice approximately65 Slices /minute
Including ComponentsRustproof, retractable and removable cutting blade

Elite Gourmet premium electric meat slicer is the perfect way to dazzle your friends and family with delicious, finely-sliced meats. This slicer is designed specifically to save you time, effort, and money. 

We picked this brand as one of the best because its ultra-sharp 7.5-Inch stainless steel blade can easily slice through tough or difficult-to-cut meats, such as ham or pork. Plus, the sharpness of the blade guarantees precise and clean cuts.

Trusty is an understatement. This meat slicer makes it easy-breezy to achieve precisely, even cuts of salami, ham, mortadella, chorizo, and pepperoni – no matter your level of expertise in the kitchen. By simply adjusting the thickness settings, you can have any sized slice you want- from impossibly thin to half an inch!

To test its resistance to corrosion, we put it through a series of tests. For example, we coated the blade with a corrosive agent and then let it sit for an extended period of time. The results showed that this gadget was able to withstand the corrosive agent and did not show any signs of corrosion.

You will be glad to know that Elite Gourmet weighs just 11 pounds because of which it is one of the lightest and most portable options on the market. You can easily move it around your kitchen as you please or even take it with you on your next camping trip!

Furthermore, this slicer is also stable due to rubber feet that grip the surface beneath it. These slip-resistant feet not only keep the slicer immobile while you use it but also prevent accidental tipping or sliding.

  • You can quickly and easily clean it by removing the blade!
  • Unparalleled Versatility
  • Crafted from high-quality die-cast aluminum
  • Has an automatic operation mode
  • The blade size could have been increased.

Best Meat slicer for thin-slice – Buying Guide

With all the different models of meat slicers on the market, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. 

Here are some factors to keep in mind when making your purchase.

Manual Vs Electric:

You can buy either a manual or electric meat slicer, depending on your needs. Both types of slicers are capable of slicing meats thinly. The type of slicer you need depends on what you’re using it for and how much time/energy you want to spend slicing the meat.

To use a manual meat slicer, you have to push the blade down and then up again to cut the food. Slicing meat with an electric slicer is not only more efficient, but it will also save you energy in the long run. All you need to do is push the tray on an electric slicer and it does the rest.


To ensure you purchase a quality electric meat slicer, check that it has a powerful motor. A higher wattage means the machine is more powerful. A meat slicer’s power has a big impact on how efficiently it operates. Frozen and half-frozen meats are no match for meat slicers with high-wattage motors. Not only that but meat slicers that are more powerful overheat less often. 


When purchasing a meat slicer, the next most important thing to consider is what material it is made of. The material used for the device impacts its durability, quality, and longevity. A quality meat slicer will have a lower ratio of plastic parts to metal parts, as plastic is known to be unstable and low-quality. A good meat slicer should feel heavier than its cheaper counterparts. 

Non-rusting and corrosion-resistant materials, like stainless steel, are the best to look for when picking a meat slicer.


A blade with a smaller diameter is the best for slicing meat, cheese, and vegetables thinly.

Consider what you need to slice and the thickness of those slices. From there, decide what size blade is best for you.

Not only should you check the diameter of the blades on a potential buyer, but make sure that they’re also super sharp by reading reviews. Super sharp blades make it easier to slice meat thinly.


If you want a meat slicer that can do it all, invest in one with an adjustable thickness feature. That way, you’ll be able to cut paper-thin slices or thicker ones–whatever you need!


It is important to pay attention to the safety features of a meat slicer before purchasing one, as they are one of the most dangerous devices you can have in your kitchen. A quality meat slicer will have features like lockable blades and auto-shutoff and much more like that.


Bacteria and meat juices will quickly coat the blades of your slicer, so it is crucial to clean it after each use. A more complex meat slicer is harder to clean. Therefore, buy a simpler model when you’re making your purchase.


Before purchasing a meat slicer, evaluate the available storage space in your kitchen. If you find that you’re limited in space, choose a more compact model to avoid feeling cramped up in your own home.


When you own a device with a warranty, it affirms your confidence in the product and allows you to relax more. If possible, always go for the lifetime warranty; however, even a limited warranty of just several years is better than owning something with no coverage.


A meat slicer is not only helpful for culinary experts but also for home cooks. They make it possible to slice meats, cheeses, and vegetables speedily and evenly. Best of all, they’re enjoyable to use!

There are several things to take into account when selecting a meat slicer, like the size of its blade, available safety features, and how easy it is to clean. With all of the various models out there on the market today, you’re bound to find one that’s ideal for both you and your specific needs.

If you’re looking for a meat slicer that will cut ideal thin slices, we recommend the KWS KitchenWare MS-12NT Station. Its 440 revs per min rotary motor and 12” Teflon coated blade make it perfect for your needs.

We hope this guide has provided you with everything you need to know in order to choose the best meat slicer for thin slices in your kitchen. Happy slicing!


Which type of blade do you need to cut thin slices in a meat slicer?

While all slicers come with blades of some sort, the best kind to get are those that have stainless steel blades. Not only do they resist rust, but they can cut through tougher substances more easily. For the sharpest blades, check to see if the slicer has a built-in sharpener.

How thin can a meat slicer cut?

Some meat slicers available today can produce slices as thin as 0.02 mm. Nowadays, with the majority of meat slicers, you have the capacity to change the thickness of your slices. If you enjoy slicing your own dry-cured meat, then these meat slicers are a must-have for you.

How do you slice meat thinly without a meat slicer?

The best knife for this job is a butcher knife, but if you don’t have one, a chef’s knife will work just as well. Having a dull knife will make your cutting process difficult and frustrating, so be sure to use a sharp one. A good kitchen knife should be able to cleanly cut paper or thinly slice a tomato without squishing it.

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