How to Grind Meat in a Blender?

Hey there, have you ever wanted to make your own burger patties but didn’t have a meat grinder? Or maybe you don’t feel like lugging around your big, bulky grinder? Well, I’ve got a solution for you that doesn’t involve any extra work or equipment – just grab your blender!

Making ground meat in a blender is incredibly easy and fast. All you need is some beef, pork, lamb, or turkey (or any combination of those), and a few minutes of your time.

I know what you’re thinking – how on earth can I grind meat in a blender? Well, it’s actually pretty simple. All you need to do is cut your meat into small cubes, about two inches in size. Then, put the cubes into the blender and pulse them until they’re fully blended. Let’s start things in more detail.

Can You Grind Meat In A Blender?

Yes, you can grind meat in a blender. In fact, it is one of the easiest and fastest methods for grinding your own meats at home if you don’t have access to a meat grinder. When grinding meat in a blender, it’s important to cut the meat into small cubes and to add a bit of liquid, such as broth, stock or even water, to help the blades move more easily.

When You Can’t Grind Meat In A Blender

While it is possible to grind meat in a blender, there are some cases where it might not be best suited for the task like:

1. If you need a very fine grind. Blenders aren’t designed to grind meats as finely as a meat grinder, so the result may be a bit too coarse.

2. If you need to grind a large amount of meat. Blenders have smaller capacities than meat grinders, so it’s not ideal for grinding large amounts of meat.

3. If you have tough cuts or bones. Blenders have difficulty grinding tougher cuts of meat and bones. For the best results, you should use a meat grinder in these cases.

How to Grind Meat in a Blender? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Step 1: Choose your meat

Choose the type of meat you want to grind.

The first step is to choose the type of meat you want to grind. Any type of boneless, skinless meat will work, but you may want to avoid tough cuts of meat like chuck steak or pork shoulder. Ground chicken, turkey, lamb, or beef are all good choices.

Step 2: Cut the meat into small pieces

Cut the meat into small pieces

Cut the meat into 1-inch cubes so that it will fit easily into your blender. If the pieces are too large, they may not grind evenly.

Step 3: Add the meat to the blender

Add the cubed meat to the blender and secure the lid. If you’re using a powerful blender like a Vitamix, you can add up to 1 pound of meat at a time. If you’re using a less powerful blender, add no more than 8 ounces of meat at a time.

Step 4: Pulse the blender until the desired consistency is reached

Start by pulsing the blender on low for 10 seconds, then increase the speed and pulse until the desired consistency is reached. For ground beef, you’ll want to pulse until there are no large chunks remaining and the mixture has a uniform texture.

Step 5: Remove the ground meat from the blender and repeat as necessary

Once the ground meat reaches the desired consistency, remove it from the blender and place it in a bowl or storage container. Repeat steps 3-5 until all of the meat is ground.

Can I use hand blender to grind meat?

There’s no definitive answer to this question since it depends on the specs of your hand blender. If your hand blender is powerful enough and has the right attachments, then grinding meat shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if your hand blender isn’t very powerful or doesn’t have the right attachments, then it probably won’t be able to properly grind meat or may it takes more time to grind the meat.

If you’re not sure whether or not your hand blender can grind meat, it’s best to err on the side of caution and not try it. Doing so could damage your blender or result in an unsatisfactory final product.

Can you grind meat in ninja blender?

Ninja blender

It is possible to grind meat in a ninja blender by using the Pulse function. To do this, you will need to place the meat into the blender and then use the Pulse function until the desired consistency is achieved. If the meat is too tough to blend, you can try putting it into the freezer for a short period of time to make it easier to work with.

Plus your blender can do anything that a food processor can do like shredding, grinding, pureeing, and chopping. So if you want to save some space in your kitchen or just want a versatile appliance, go for a ninja blender.

So if you’re looking for an appliance that can do it all, a ninja blender is a great option. It can save you time and space in your kitchen while still being able to make all of your favorite recipes.

Can I grind cooked meat in a blender?

It is possible to grind cooked meat in a blender, but it is not recommended. The reason for this is that the cooked meat is likely to be tough and difficult to grind properly. Additionally, the heat from the blender can cause the meat to cook further, making it even tougher. If you do choose to grind cooked meat in a blender, it is best to do so in small batches and be very careful not to overheat the meat.


Grinding meat in a blender is a quick and easy way to get ground meat without having to use a meat grinder. Just be careful not to overdo it or you may damage your blender.

The best part about grinding your own meat is that you get fresh, high-quality ingredients. So next time you need ground beef for burgers or tacos, give this method a try. You might be surprised at how easy it is!

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